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Crystal Ball Insight

The Crystal ball shows a dagger and I will just say be careful for a while who you trust as someone seems to be sending you daggers.  They have no reason to feel this way but what I’m picking up is they don’t want to blame themselves for their misery and you are an...

The Stag

The animal spirit guide that I am being shown for you today is the Stag. This is powerful energy and it asks you to take the lead. It is time for you to be strong and to go for what you want you can show others the way now!

2 Pentacles

Hi honey I felt moved to pull a card for you today.  I got the 2 of Pentacles. This is a card with dual meanings. The number 2 is highlighted. 2s pertain to Love issues. It shows me a man who is quite possibly juggling 2 relationships. He is confused, not sure where...

Queen of Swords Reversed

Your card today is the queen of swords reversed that gives a manipulative controlling woman getting in the way of you and your love interest. As well as poisoning his mind I sense she has also been using blackmagic or witchcraft to keep him trapped. However, he is...

Two is Company

Twos company three is a crowd that is a very true saying and right now you feel like the third wheel.  They seem to be totally focussed on the other person and you aren’t getting the attention you feel you deserve.  The card coming in is the 8 of Wands and what I’m...

Ace Wands Tarot

In todays love reading I have drawn the ace of wands, fantastic! This is about a new and passionate energy coning in around your love life. If you are waiting for contact this card would suggest it is coming. This is exciting energy! 

The World Card

The tarot card I have drawn for you today is the beautiful world card. This is a card that talks about coming to the end of a cycle where all the lessons have been learnt and you are ready to move forward. The world is at you feet now and it is all about...