Now, this means literally that peace can be found between you both in the midst of a struggle in a relationship. He clearly, has had to deal with many issues over those months apart, and I do see at one point, it was unthinkable for him, to be away from you this long. Yes, he has had those awful lonely sad feelings of thinking of you not being with him, but the lockdown absolutely did not help, one bit, when all those words of distance, stay away from loved ones, all negative instructions, yes for a good reason, but it could not have come at a worse time for you both. I do always see, the best couples, always get tested the toughest, there is now an intervention…..from my guides……

They tell me he has in the last 2 weeks had dreams of you, good dreams I do point out, and it has took those lonely feelings away. These are intimate thoughts of thinking of you.

Will he leave her and return to you.....with the help from my guides, we will find out this crucial question. Does he love you? Is he simply stuck within her control? All will be revealed.

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'Love this guy, the fact he seems to see what's going on so clearly, he gives me hope for the future'