Love is in the air!! As the Knight of Wands is the first card I drew today. Someone has very passionate thoughts of you on his mind. Don’t be surprised when you get an unexpected message that he wants to see you. It will be a lovely romantic evening but don’t expect him to stick around. No matter how strong the feelings are, he will always dart away in fear of being tied down. So enjoy the moment but don’t go planning your wedding just yet. Will this guy ever change? Is it worth waiting for him? Are there other women?

Find out more details about your Casanova with a full Love reading by Rainha today. ❤️❤️

Get fresh extra insight into your love interest.
His feelings thoughts and motivations.
Find out if there are hidden enemies lurking about.
Lies or deception uncovered.
Lenormand cards are more straightforward than Tarot cards. They offer greater insight and details about people.
Lenormand is a French card system that has been used for centuries.

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