Hi Honey, Your card today is the “Angel of Betrayal.” It is a huge warning to protect your relationship. Be very careful who you talk to about your personal life, especially Romance. You see, it’s not your Lover that will betray you but someone on the periphery who knows both of you. You must stay strong and do not allow any self-doubt to creep in now. This person can sniff it out just like a predator can sniff weakness in their prey, waiting for a moment of vulnerability to go for the kill. Keep vigilant. If you want more details and insight to help you figure this out feel free to contact me.

Get fresh extra insight into your love interest.
His feelings thoughts and motivations.
Find out if there are hidden enemies lurking about.
Lies or deception uncovered.
Lenormand cards are more straightforward than Tarot cards. They offer greater insight and details about people.
Lenormand is a French card system that has been used for centuries.

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'Thank you so much for my reading Rainha it was fantastic. Would highly recommend this lovely lady.xxx'

'Thank you, you answered a lot of the concerns, and the profile was spot on. Look forward to more on the situation. Thanks great reading. Highly recommend.'

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