Deep & Insightful Written Love Readings


Love Readings from Tried and Tested Gifted Readers. Find out if your ex is coming back, why your love interest is being so cold or whether they are cheating or not. Gain insight, guidance and advice around all matters of the heart. Find out the truth today?

Step 1 – Choose your Psychic

Amie Louise is a Psychic Medium who was born with the gift. She has done Mediumship and Psychic Nights in front of large audiences. It brings her great joy to be able to share her gift to help others.

Mysti has been giving psychic readings for over 20 years and uses a mix of cards and insight to bring answers to clients. It may not always be the answers they want, but Mysti strives to find some resolution that brings about peace of mind. She is Reiki trained and works with Chakras and Auras.

Rainha began her Psychic Journey as a child while observing her aunt, a Spiritualist and Natural Healer. In her readings, she uses Tarot, Lenormand and Gypsy Cards. She gives no fluff but rather the truth warmly and compassionately.

Ron has been doing Tarot Readings and Spells for over ten years and has had more than three decades of experience in the occult. He can do readings on any subject and cast spells for any area of your life.

Jane is an intuitive tarot reader who has clients from all around the world. Her favourite deck is the Faulkner Tarot and works with Angel, Fairy and Oracle Cards. Jane is also a firm believer in the Law of Attraction.

Julia is an intuitive card reader and also a teacher. She has been working with the tarot for over thirty years. Julia loves to work with Oracle Cards and even created her recently published deck called ‘Crystal Guidance Cards. ‘ recently published.