Mercury – Saying goodbye was the easy part, it’s letting go that kills you. Everything is gone, all the light has now dimmed and all you’re left with is darkness. It’s everywhere. It’s when you wake up in the morning, when you have your lunch and when you see your mates. The worst part is late at night laying in your bed alone! There’s only one thing that will make you happy. One thing that will make all your darkness disappear and that is having them back in your arms. Do they feel the same? Lets find out …

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Mercury x


Masked Reader – I’ve had the soulmate card fall out at my feet and it shows me that there is someone around you that you feel that deep spiritual connection with. You can sense them feel them and you just know what’s happening with them even when they are miles away. This card comes out to show you that your intuition is right this person is the other part of your soul and there’s a good reason you are in each other’s lives. Sit and listen to what your heart is trying to say as you will soon know the reason you are linked together.


Who is interfering in your relationship or stopping your love interest falling for you?

This reading will look at who is standing in your way

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'Thank you again for another wonderful reading I just love masked readers readings they are spot on and he tells you how it is 100 % trusting xx'


Eddie – Video Reading 9th – 15th Jan

 I have created a video reading for each zodiac sign covering the 9th to 15th of January. These are free but please subscribe, share, like and comment to help further my reach! 

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Aries (March 21 – April 19)

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