RainhaI see that someone is recognizing this is a destined Love. It’s something so powerful, it’s just inexplicable. He’s never felt anything like it before. He wants to run away as he fears being consumed by it. It’s too much “feeling”. He’s not used to feeling much. The appearance of the Mountain card after Cross & Heart, shows me an obstacle standing between him and you. For more details on what it  is exactly and how to overcome it and enjoy True Love, get your full personalized Lenmorand reading today.


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'Thank you so much for my reading Rainha it was fantastic. Would highly recommend this lovely lady.xxx'

'Thank you, you answered a lot of the concerns, and the profile was spot on. Look forward to more on the situation. Thanks great reading. Highly recommend.'

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Mercury – You are torn between a choice of two. But your choices are one you can have, and one that you want. You can’t let go of the memory’s, the little things that made the two of you become one. The love that you both shared, it brings you down, you don’t feel complete in yourself, they are always there in the back of your mind. Your outside shell is happy and complete but on the inside you are broken. It’s hard for you to tell people you are heartbroken. They do still think about you just as much as much as you do of them, the small things, smell, songs, programmes you use to watch together. You are wishing and hoping for that happy ending and in this card I see hope for what you have wished for, for so long. Remember nothing ever really dies, can you bring this back to life?

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Mercury x


Masked Reader – The tower is coming in for you today.  Something is going to throw you into a panic very soon but this is something you should have dealt with way before now and have ignored.  Spirit is now restless as you ignore their signs you have been lazy and you will now get into a situation which will force action.  Don’t panic when it comes just take a deep breath and get what’s needed to be done done.


Who is interfering in your relationship or stopping your love interest falling for you?

This reading will look at who is standing in your way

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'Thank you again for another wonderful reading I just love masked readers readings they are spot on and he tells you how it is 100 % trusting xx'


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