Mercury – Your intuition has been kicking in lately, to the point where you are starting to think they have been talking to other love interests. Your mind is running away with you, that is your biggest fear. You’re staying awake at night keeping them in your thoughts and dreams. You’re sending your hopes and wishes out into the universe but wondering why that aren’t being answered. The universe does hear you, but the choices that you make can put you on different paths. Don’t worry all the paths lead to one place, just depending on actions, some may take longer to get there than others!

Your Love Interest Erotic Thoughts about you
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Mercury x


Julia -The card I have drawn for you today is from my own Crystal Guidance Deck. The deck has 50 beautiful energies created for the modern world.

The Crystal Card for today is Ametrine which connects back to the Solar Plexus Chakra.

Your creativity and imagination is now flowing and you are being supported to take control of your own life path and destiny.

Ask yourself have you felt blocked recently?

Clarity will come if if you take some time out to meditate.

Meditation will reduce tension and bring in peace and tranquillity instead.

Love Triangle
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'Thanks Julia. Taken the advice on board. The WhatsApp message was very useful and guided to what I should do next'

'Great first reading from this lady very in-depth'

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Jane – In your love reading today I have drawn the Chariot. This is great energy as it is showing you being able to move forward now, in the direction that is right for you. So, if things have been at a bit of a standstill love wise they are about to get moving! If you would like a more detailed look at love please check out my listing 

If you feel like you have been stuck repeating the same old thing lately, going round in circles or trying to start again but it all feels like the pattern is repeating ? This reading can help. I can either send you a written email or and audio recording, just let me know which you prefer.

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'Jane has read for me a few times now. I can honestly say she is one of the most accurate readers. Jane is very tuned in, she knows the personalities of relevant people. There is no sugar coating, just honesty and she has always been absolutely spot on. Thank you x'

'Jane has incredible gift that is truly amazing. Her ability to give insight into different areas of your life is beyond words. I highly recommend Jane x'

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Amie Louise – I am seeing a new house move coming up for you and a happy celebration..april seems significant for this, something coming together around someone’s birthday. I am seeing a potential partner come forward into your life who has the same morals and views and who will be very supportive  to you , I feel in the past they may have been distant but this all to change, they certainly know how to treat a woman well. I feel in the past you may have had trouble with in laws but I do see that you will have a fresh start together and move to calmer waters.

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'A wonderfully positive and reassuring reading! I would definitely recommend Amieouise: she is an exceptionally talented reader and comes as being a very honest and caring person.'
'Excellent reading by a very talented lady you won’t be disappointed money worth, will be having future readings.'