Mercury – Have patience and once you have patience you will have balance. Once you have balance you have everything the universe was waiting for you to have. Stay open minded to opportunities, send positive thoughts out there. It’s better to be a lion for the day, than a sheep for life. Go out and celebrate with friends and family, become the old self you was before this dimmed your shine. Get your shine back! They will reach out to you soon, you need to be positive and strong. There is light at the end of the tunnel, you are going to reap your rewards. They are in two minds at the minute, they are at war with themselves, their mind and heart. But don’t worry the heart always wins in the end. 

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Mercury x


Julia -The card I have for you today from my goto deck – The Faulkner Tarot is the 3 Swords

You may be reminded of past hurts and upsets today, however you do know that deep down in your heart that any rejection you have or may experience now and in the future is always Gods Protection.

Allow yourself time to work through these emotions and know that you will always bounce back, evolve and grow from these periods of disappointment!

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'Thanks Julia. Taken the advice on board. The WhatsApp message was very useful and guided to what I should do next'

'Great first reading from this lady very in-depth'

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Jane – The oracle card I have for you today is from Alice the wonderland tarot and it brings a powerful message, your card is ‘wake up’, it is time for you to shine, as it says on the card this is your moment. Don’t be afraid to step into the spotlight it is time for you to tell your story and to speak your truth! If you would like a reading from this amazing deck please check out my listings as there is a special using this deck there.

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'Jane has read for me a few times now. I can honestly say she is one of the most accurate readers. Jane is very tuned in, she knows the personalities of relevant people. There is no sugar coating, just honesty and she has always been absolutely spot on. Thank you x'

'Jane has incredible gift that is truly amazing. Her ability to give insight into different areas of your life is beyond words. I highly recommend Jane x'

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Amie Louise – I am seeing you are currently feeling trapped in your life situation but you are been told not to worry as this is only temporary and the clouds are starting to part and the path is starting to clear ahead for you. I am seeing some career changes for you and all the hard work you have been putting in is going to be paid off. Its your time to be receiving the good karma you deserve. I am also seeing April is going to be a very special and significant month and there is going to he a happy unexpected surprise for you around then. I am also seeing the choice of two men around you and it’s up to you decide, use your intuition and choose well

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'A wonderfully positive and reassuring reading! I would definitely recommend Amieouise: she is an exceptionally talented reader and comes as being a very honest and caring person.'
'Excellent reading by a very talented lady you won’t be disappointed money worth, will be having future readings.'