Mercury – I hear the lyrics, ‘no one compares to you’ and sense that it how you feel about your love interest! Not one comes close to how you feel about them. You are meant to be with them … though life and circumstances have got in the way of you being with your soulmate! It really hurts and you can’t stop thinking about them and they often appear in your dreams. You even see signs about them everywhere you go!

There is some comfort knowing they are the one though you crave the closeness and want to be firmly in their arms! You want to be wrapped in each other!

Your Love Interest Erotic Thoughts about you
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Mercury x


Masked Reader – Interesting card pulled for you today with the Queen of Swords but I sense this is an energy looking over your shoulder. This is someone who isn’t the nicest person around and it seems they are watching you with some kind of contempt. I get the feeling there is a woman around you who is jealous of you in some way and is sending daggers your way. The advice for this person is ignore her. Let her glare and stare and send a bit of attitude because let’s face it she is only jealous because you are a better person than she could ever be. Shine and let her stay in your shadow.


Who is interfering in your relationship or stopping your love interest falling for you?

This reading will look at who is standing in your way

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'Thank you again for another wonderful reading I just love masked readers readings they are spot on and he tells you how it is 100 % trusting xx'


Eddie – Video Reading 9th – 15th Jan

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Amie Louise – There is someone around you who has been ghosting you on and off for some time but you are to know that you are the apple of their eye. They hold a lot of passion and desire for you and in coming weeks you are going to get clarity from this person. I am seeing a new business venture coming for you within the next seven weeks in which it is going to take you to calmer waters. I am seeing a choice of two people for you. Someone from your past and also there will be a new love wanting to come in. Take your time in making this decision but I do see someone wanting a second chance with you. In four weeks time you will be more certain of what direction to take.

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