Mercury – The guy that sold you the dream. He was someone you would not usually have gone for, he was chubby, self centered, had a different look about him, had a god complex, an annoying laugh. But he made you smile. He got you to the point of laughing so hard, tears would come out your eyes. He had the best taste in music. Would go out his way to make other people feel better, help in any way he can. He said all the right things, just at the right times. He gave the best cuddles. He was selling that dream, and you knew not to buy it. But for the first time in a long time, you gave your trust to him. Then that smile, he took it back. The tears of laughter turned to real tears and then your whole world came crashing down around you!

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Mercury x


Masked Reader – Don’t get what is going on in their head? I’m not surprised as I see a whirlpool when I’m looking like they have no idea themselves what is happening in their head. Best advice is to focus on you and let them come to some sort of understanding with their feelings. Time to get on the pedestal they deserve to put you on and let them remember what they are missing out on like a massive nudge. Love who you are shine like a star and instead of being indecisive they will start to realise they either make a decision or risk losing it all


Who is interfering in your relationship or stopping your love interest falling for you?

This reading will look at who is standing in your way

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'Thank you again for another wonderful reading I just love masked readers readings they are spot on and he tells you how it is 100 % trusting xx'


Eddie – Video Reading 9th – 15th Jan

 I have created a video reading for each zodiac sign covering the 9th to 15th of January. These are free but please subscribe, share, like and comment to help further my reach! 

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